With Ann Hidalgo, five year term for the sport

– Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Maxime Sauvage, National Secretary for Youth and Sports

On March 17, eight major players in the world of sports in France, including the National Olympic and Sports Committee of France and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee, organized ” great oral sport ”, a new format for talking about sports in the context of the presidential elections.

The organization of this event is to be commended, while sport, unfortunately, is too often considered a secondary subject in the context of election campaigns. Moreover, out of eight invited candidates, only three eventually came, including Anna Hidalgo, who was thus able to present the sports component of her program.

2017-2022: a failed five-year plan for sports

This meeting of French sports took place at the end of a five-year period when The outgoing President of the Republic did not fulfill half of the commitments made in 2017 in favor of sportsalthough his program was not ambitious.

The Sports and Society Bill, announced several times over the past five years and presented as the great law of the sports mandate, has finally led to a bill with no vision or scope adopted at the very end of the five-year period.

Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term also marked sharp cuts in subsidized jobs since the summer of 2017, which greatly weakened many sports associations. It was also characterized by the disappearance of a fully functional sports ministry in 2020, four years before the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris.

And if you want an illustration of Emmanuel Macron’s sports track record, it’s the change in the number of licenses and memberships issued by all federations approved by the Ministry of Sports since 2017.

Between 2012 and 2017, this number increased systematically every year and increased by +7% over a five-year period. Compared, from 2017 to 2020, the number of licenses and memberships decreased by almost 10%..

We could have imagined that the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games would affect the number of licenses, amplifying the dynamics of the previous five-year term. It ended up being the other way around…

Anna Hidalgo project: making sport a part of everyday life in France

After an unsuccessful five-year stint in the sport, Ann Hidalgo makes proposals aimed atmake physical and sporting activities an integral part of French daily life.

Before the “Great Oral Sports” on March 17, Anne Hidalgo has already put forward the first proposals in the field of sports.

On several trips, including to Clermont-Ferrand on 4 February, she presented ” Physical education and sports course (PEPS), which aims to develop a sports culture among all young people between the ages of 3 and 20 for public health and school dropout. PEPS is divided into 6 axes:

  1. Creation annual health and activity survey to assess student sedentary behavior and propose measures to eliminate them;

  2. in increasing the number of hours of physical education per week in the first and second degree;

  3. That systematic creation of a sports association in every elementary school;

  4. in development of classes on a flexible schedule “sport of excellence” (CHASE) in the second degree and with a reward for dual studies in higher education according to the work-study model;

  5. I’a significant increase in resources allocated to the training of physical education and sports educators through the STAPS sector;

  6. launch ambitious investment program from point of view repair and construction of sports equipment.

She also defended extension of the achievements of the Collective Agreement on women’s professional handball to other women’s professional sportsto better protect female athletes during and after their careers, and the idea that sport is a lever for achieving universal accessibility for people with disabilities.

In the sixteen-page document version of his program, three new proposals were introduced:

  • in support for the development of physical activity and sports at work ;

  • in development of the practice of physical culture and sports activities adapted for the elderly ;

  • gradual introduction reimbursement for social security prescription adapted physical activity practices for people with a chronic illness or chronic illness.

Finally, as part of the Great Oral Sports, Anne Hidalgo concluded her program by recalling in advance the role of sport in terms of social cohesion, public education, integration, learning and personal and collective development, as well as the unifying dimension that the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 in Paris must have.

He is also committed to:

  • Restore a fully functional Ministry of Sports, increase its budget by 50%. and to simplify the management of French sports;

  • Recognizing the role of local authorities. Recall that in 2019, local governments bore more than half of public spending on sports (7.5 billion euros out of 14.1 billion euros);

  • Set ambition investment program in terms of reconstruction and creation of structural sports facilities in 5 billion euros over a five-year period ;

  • Restart of subsidized contractsintended, in particular, for sports associations;

  • install the true status of a top athlete with the establishment of a minimum income for non-professionals and the creation of a retraining component.

All this to the fact that in the midst of the weekend sports program We vote for Anne Hidalgo on April 10th..

Long live the Republic! Long live sports!