WITH US. Five days in Kona

Each week, NC la 1ère stops in one of the 33 municipalities of Caledonia to bring back a series of televised reports. From 4 to 9 April Kone was in the spotlight. From the Conservatory of Natural Spaces to the taxi service, passing through the market, the outdoor sports session and the shrimp factory.

In a quarter of a century, the population of Kone has doubled. The administrative capital of the Northern Province, which in the late 1990s had a population of about four thousand, today has more than eight thousand inhabitants. Target visit, in five reports.

oneHelp for biodiversity

About ten years ago, the Conservatory of Natural Spaces was created in Kona with the aim of restoring balance. CEN radiates throughout the country, carrying out projects to protect the environment. Camille Monnier and Brice Bachon went to get acquainted with his teams and their activities, starting with the weevil farm.

Report in which we meet with Ken Kadin, Field Animator, Invasive Species Department; Patrick Barrier, Invasive Species Coordinator; and Nathalie Bayon, director of the conservatory.

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2On the market

Koné has been in development for several years. New malls, new industrial zones… But there are things that don’t change, like the market that you can’t miss. Located in the very center of the village, it hosts its exhibitors once a week.

Report by Camille Monnier and Nathan Poauteta interviewing Rosiana Gorodet, Treasurer of the Naima Wakeri Municipal Federation; Cecile Waka, dean of the Conet market; and Philomena Gorokhuna, member of the Wakeri naïma.

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3On the sport

Since the beginning of the year, Kone City Hall has been proposing several events to encourage the population to move. Twice a week, outdoor sports meetings are offered under the guidance of a sports teacher. Yoshida Stadium Direction with Camille Monnier and Nathan Poauteta.

In this report, we hear Julie Delrieu, a school teacher; other practices; and Melissa Sanmoestan, sports educator.


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4Shrimp care

It is in this city in the heart of Grande Terre that all Caledonian prawns are packaged before being sold. At the Sopac plant installed in Kona to contribute to the territorial balance. From January to August place in the fishing season. The facility is in full swing. He gets blue shrimp from fifteen farms in the country.

Camille Monnier and Brice Bachon met Sandrina Patea, an online service employee who received formatting training before taking up her post; Elvina Vala, quality officer; Karen Pohijilan, Workshop Manager; and Anne Guillaumin Gauthier, plant manager.

Shrimp Packing Plant

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5By taxi

Finally, we sit in a taxi. Kone is one of the few municipalities in the Northern Province that has this service. How did he appear? Are there any clients? What is the municipality doing to develop the transport offer? Meeting with Antonin Manizhe, a man from Lifou. Labor in the industry, he retrained as a driver.

Camille Monnier and Nathan Poauteta also handed over the microphone to Isabelle Poade, First Deputy Mayor of Conet in charge of transport.


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