Women’s Sports and Olympic Transformations: Support

The first edition, launched in 2020, has kept 14 associations or clubs in Paris offering regular sports activities for women in the public domain, in sports venues (TEPs) and in squares.

The purpose of this system is to promote the diversity of sports grounds and allow women, who make up 53% of the population of Paris, to regain their public space and then continue to play sports or within the club for free.

Building on the success of this initiative, the City of Paris, with the support of the Paris 2024 Charitable Foundation, has updated the system for 2022, supporting the renewal of 12 successful projects from the first year, as well as 11 new projects promotion 2 on total budget 185 000.

  • Panamboyz and Girlz United : football club 20and a 100% inclusive and anti-discrimination district that organizes weekly football workshops for 50 girls aged 6 to 14 at TEP Alexandre-Luquet (20and).

  • Parisian lady’s basket: women’s basketball club located in Port de Lilas (20and), which offers basketball for girls while working on grassroots and civic education. The club wishes to organize weekly sporting events (basketball fitness, zumba, hip-hop, cardio, etc.) at TEP Paul Meurice (20and) and educational workshops on gender equality for 150 adolescent girls and young adults.

  • Basket Domremy 13: 13 basketball cluband a district that develops the practice of women’s basketball. The club wants to organize 3 weekly basketball sessions for 30 teenage girls at TEP Bourneville, Carpentier and Moureu (13 years old).and).

  • House 13 Solidarity : social and cultural center located at 13and district that wants to organize 3 weekly sports activities (football, basketball, martial arts, yoga, etc.) for 50 young girls and women from the social center at TEP Charles Trenet and Robert-Bajac (13 years old).and).

  • Amunanti : association founded in 18and an area whose aim is to create and support cultural, sports and artistic, intergenerational and intercultural projects in the Île-de-France. She wants to organize group boxing classes at TEP Chapelle Charbon and Chapelle International (18 years old).and) for 140 women during school holidays and 1 physical training session every Sunday from April to September.

  • Horticultural crops : cultural association working with young people and their families in the Amiro-Simplon area (18and), which proposes to organize 1 weekly football/basketball session at the TEP of the Henri Sauvage Garden (18and) and tournaments during school holidays for 30 girls aged 11 to 18.

  • Solidarity societies : a sports and cultural association that offers weekly football and basketball dating to 200 girls and women participating in the TEP Marcel Sembat (18).and).

  • Ladies and Basketball : an association that uses basketball and sports in general as a social and educational lever for girls and women. The association proposes to organize 12 basketball and other sports and cultural events during the weekend from May to September, in particular in the area northeast of Paris, to allow women to train weekly and end a major sporting and cultural event in which they participated 400 women.

  • you live speak : an association whose mission is to promote equality, enable women to reclaim their public space, fight against sexist and sexual violence against women, using sport as a means of action. The association proposes to organize weekly mixed football training at 5 TEPs in Paris for several hundred girls and teenagers.

  • Basket Paris 14 and Basket Paris 15 : two basketball clubs located respectively at 14and
    and 15and districts of Paris.
    Two associations propose to organize 1 weekly class throughout the year (April to June) and then 2 weekly classes in the summer in 4 sports (3×3 basketball, boxing, dance and double dutch) at the Paris 14 (14) playground.and) and Dr. Calmette’s PET (15and). The two associations are also offering a photo exhibition with photographs of the players taken during the first tournament.

  • PSG 13 Atlético : football club 13and district, which offers to organize 5 weekly football sessions at TEP Charles Moureu, Dunois and Docteur Laurent (13and) for 60 girls, relying on local associations to identify girls far from the practice.

  • eiffel basketball court : basketball club located at 15and district, which offers to organize 2 weekly basketball sessions on Saturdays or Sundays from May to July at TEP Mourlon (15and), as well as 2 3×3 basketball tournaments in the same period, at TEP Croix Nivert and Émile Anthoine (15and), for 500 girls and women.

  • Kabubu : a humanitarian association working to integrate refugees through sport. She proposes to organize 2 weekly yoga classes, 1 weekly basketball class, as well as moments of discovery and initiation of new practices with the participation of 100 to 200 women, and the project will take place in Parisian parks and malls.

  • Hustle Paris Basketball : youth basketball club located at 14and District, which offers to organize classes consisting of many new sports and self-defense classes for young girls and women, as well as workshops to raise awareness about gender equality and against all forms of violence against women. These devices will be stored in parks in 7andthirteenand and 14and areas.

  • “The Hustle Paris association project is based on the desire to help the most disadvantaged residents of Île-de-France socially, psychologically and/or financially by providing them with access to sports, culture and education,” explains Adeline Legrand from the Hustle Paris association. Basket. It is our role to create projects and aids to give them an open space to express themselves by guiding them. »

  • Paris University Club : All-Russian sports association with over 6,000 members, historically established in 13and district that offers to organize 2 weekly basketball sessions at TEP Kellermann and Glacière (13and) 30 women per session.

  • Quai de Jemmapes X : basketball club located 10and an area that offers women-only training and matches during the summer, as well as women’s and mixed 3×3 tournaments at TEP Jemmapes for 50 women.

  • Paris Committee for Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kendo and Related Disciplines : an association dedicated to the management, organization and development of these sports in Paris. The committee wishes to organize introductory classes in jiu-jitsu and self-defence, as well as awareness-raising classes on violence against women, for 300 women during each school holiday.

  • Paris Departmental Committee of the Federation of Sports and Gymnastics of Labor : sports association with over 14,000 members in Paris. The committee wants to organize 2 weekly basketball, handball and football classes in PET Braille (12and), Reverdy or Barbanegre (19and), as well as a multi-sport tournament at the end of the program.

  • Racing Multi Athlon : sports club 7and district that offers to organize 3 weekly running classes at 7and and 15and districts for 50 women, as well as their support for the Parisian women’s races (La Parisienne or Odysséa).

  • Betting on Akasa Futsal : futsal club 10and area that offers to organize training, matches and women’s and mixed tournaments for 40 girls, at TEP Curial and Barbanègre (19and) and school support.

  • Goutte d’Or children : Football and Taekwondo Sports Association 18and a district that wants to organize 2 weekly race walking classes for 70 girls, and during the school holidays, days that include prevention workshops and sports activities. This project will take place on the TEP de la Goutte d’Or and Place Leon (18and).

  • “Women’s Race Walking was created to promote the integration of non-sporting women and enable them to realize the benefits of sport for physical and mental health, while at the same time positively embracing the public space. Parisian,” explains Lydie Quentin, director of Les Enfants de la Goutte d’Or.

  • Paris Basketball Committee : an association dedicated to the management, organization and development of basketball in Paris. The Committee wishes to organize 3×3 tournaments at the updated TEP 12andfourteenandfifteenandeighteenand and 19and neighborhoods, as well as actions to raise awareness about sustainability and the sport of basketball.